Build, Market and Manage Your Online Reputation to Get More Business


Did you know your business is listed on internet directory review sites like Google+, Yelp, Kudzu, InsiderPages, CitySearch, MerchantCircle and dozens more? These sites allow anyone to post a review about your business – positive or negative, true or untrue, customer or competition. New customers looking to do business with you could potentially find scores of negative reviews about you online.

Consider this, 90% of local consumers trust online reviews. Don’t let one bad review influence hundreds of potential customers. Reputation Management has quickly moved from being an option to a necessity. If you want to safeguard your online reputation and protect the steady growth of your business then monitoring and responding to online reviews is crucial.

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Dominate the Search Engines for Your Local Search Terms


Due to the massive number of businesses fighting to capture the attention of consumers online, gaining online exposure is getting tougher every day. This means you must focus on developing strategies that will put your business right in front of your target audience.

One crucial strategy that provides results for businesses is the focus on “local” visibility. Local SEO strategies are mostly used by businesses who want to generate more local customers. Therefore, you should employ strategies that focus on getting more foot traffic and phone calls from people in your area.

There are several things that should be considered when running a campaign for more local visibility. Choosing the right keywords, choosing the appropriate strategies, and starting in the right place all play a role in the success of your campaigns. Click here to learn more about dominating your competition on Page 1 in the search engines.

Build Your Brand and Engage Your Fans Through Social Media


Businesses today need to actively engage consumers about their business to stay relevant. Social Media is one important tool for creating buzz around your products, services, and business. Social media allows you to target your audience to generate interest in what you have to offer.

To ensure that the buzz around your company is unmatched, you should keep in touch with your customers through various social media platforms. This involves posting new and fresh content consistently to all of them, as well as answering questions asked by potential customers.

Social media is not going away, so it only makes sense for your business to get involved and realize the power of this amazing marketing tool. Click here to learn more about building your brand and engaging your fans through Social Media.

Your Customers Are Mobile – Be Found and Engage Them With Mobile Marketing


It’s time to capitalize on the mobile revolution to generate more sales and profits. Mobile internet usage has grown dramatically at an amazing speed and will soon exceed desktop internet usage. Billions of people own mobile phones and carry them with them everywhere they go.

But what happens when one of them clicks on your website and it doesn’t load? What if it does load, but it loads very slowly and they have to scroll all over the place just to find simple information? When your visitors run into problems like these, they will leave your site quickly and you will loose business. Ensure you have a mobile website that delivers content specifically designed for mobile phones.

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Use Video Marketing to Engage Your Visitors, Boost Your Credibility and Increase Conversions


One of the best and most powerful new marketing tools available is video marketing. It is an instant, quick way to grab the attention of your target audience. According to Reuters, people are watching more than one million YouTube videos a day.

Video marketing is not only useful on popular social media and entertainment sites, but it is also effective for company websites. Videos are proven to keep viewers on your website for a longer amount of time and make their product research experience a lot more enjoyable. Potential customers can save time by simply watching a minute or two of video instead of reading pages and pages of information.

Online videos can open up massive opportunities for your business including increased credibility, more leads, more sales, and stellar customer loyalty. Click here to find out what video can do for your business.

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